About Us

Nearly 20 years ago, I purchased a small studio apartment in France, The apartment was never rented and I used it regularly, visiting France at all times of the year. I spent many enjoyable months in Samoëns and my addiction to snow sports grew into a life long passion.

Fast forward 10 years, and I purchased a larger property. After 10 years in Samoëns, I knew the village was where I wished to be, whenever possible. I have not found anywhere in the alps, with the same character.

Moving forward again, and finding myself married with our first child, we decided to rent the apartment in France. My days of spending half my life in ski or snowboard boots are now in the past.

Of course, we still visit Samoëns as often as possible and look forward to the day, I can teach my son the thrills of riding in fresh, deep powder or simply experiencing nature, mountain biking through the Giffre Valley.